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As Chicagoans, we believe
our city should be a place where all of us can grow and thrive, no matter what we look like, how we worship, or who we love.

"If you’re a progressive in the 5th Ward, Jocelyn Hare is the best candidate, and deserves your vote."
- Endorsed by the Girl, I Guess Progressive Voter Guide


Our Issues

I’m running for alderperson of the 5th ward to bring us together to continue the work of: 

Affordable Housing

Leading the fight for affordable homes for every 5th ward family—because having a safe, secure place to live is the foundation of success and prosperity

Safe Streets

Keeping our most vulnerable neighbors safe by listening to the needs of our community and ensuring our streets and public transportation are accessible to everyone 

Equitable Development

Helping our small businesses stay open so they can continue to provide jobs to our families and grow the local economy


Strong Schools

Providing neighborhood schools with the resources they need to give all our young people the education they deserve 


Community for All

Creating a community where all are welcome, regardless of the color of our skin or the size of our bank account



Thank You!

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